Email Association

Web site visitors are only actionable in Center if their email address is known. We call this associating an email address with a stream of web activity. Getting associated traffic is crucial to making highly-effective Center rules. We’ve made a few different ways this can happen.

Capturing from Forms

If the captureEmailForms flag is set on your property, Center will capture email addresses submitted on any form of your website and associate them to the current visitor. You activate this flag by including the following setting in your installation snippet:

center('create', 'YOUR_PID_GOES_HERE', 'SiteName', {
  captureEmailForms: true

Annotating your Forms

Most forms and email addresses can be captured automatically without any modifications to your site. However, you may have a need to ignore a form or field from being captured; or specify which form field should be associated as the email address.

To ignore a form or field, decorate the element with center-ignore. For example:

<form center-ignore>
  <h1>This form will be ignored!</h1>
  <input type="email" name="other" />

  <input type="email" name="email">
  <h1>This input will be ignored!</h1>
  <input type="email" name="other" center-ignore />

Alternatively, if center does not automatically detect an email address in your form, you can specify which field to use by decorating the input with center-associate-email. For example:

  <input type="text" center-associate-email />

Parsing from the URL

The Tracking Code will automatically look for an email address in the page URL when capturing a page visit. We look in the querystring for parameters email=, wemail=, utm_email= and center_email=. If they exist, we will attempt to associate the user.

For example, if a user visits a page at URL, then that browser’s session will be associated to

This is really useful if you are doing a mail-merge as you can include the users email address specifically in the link, and track them as they navigate your site. But if you want to disable this, you can toggle this feature by including the following setting in your installation snippet:

center('create', 'YOUR_PID_GOES_HERE', 'SiteName', {
  captureEmailURLs: false

With JavaScript

If you know the visitor’s email address, you can associate it explicitly with JavaScript:

center('SiteName.associate', '');

If your site is authenticated, you probably know somethings about the visitor. Adding this association will tie all their sessions together across browsers.